Monday, June 17, 2013

I absolutely love

photographing Tiffany! This girl has got so much potential not to mention she is stunning. I met Tiffany on my very first photoshoot ever. I tagged along with a local photographer who offered to let me second shoot her models for the day. I was a little nervous being my first time but it ended up being a lot of fun and propelled me into the crazy world of photography. Tiffany was the first model I met that day and we hit it off. She is super sweet and we clicked you know? After that first shoot I wanted to venture out with an idea I had and I knew exactly who I wanted to work with. We were going for a dark fairytale look and I think she nailed it. Major thanks to Elaine Wright for bringing the lighting and letting me borrow her lenses- such a huge help!

She's got the "smile like you have a secret" smile down.
 Absolutely lovely! Talk about fierce. You go girl! Isn't she awesome?
 Special thanks to...
Tiffany Baxley (model)
Elaine Wright (2nd photographer and provider of lighting + accessories)


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