Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alex + Janae'

It was so much fun meeting Alex + Janae'! They are such a cute couple who are madly in love and it shows in their photographs. They met in 2009 in California and quickly knew they had found the one. Now, 4 years later, they have two gorgeous little girls that keep them very busy and they absolutely adore their growing family.  I was very excited to get in a quick photo session with them before they moved and it was such a perfect afternoon! Here are some of my favorites...

Ah-mazing view of the city don't you think?

LOVE this.One of my new favorite locations.
According to Alex and Janae', when they first started dating they always held hands like this. So, naturally I had to capture it for them. Aren't they cute?Loooove.

Only they could make swings look so pretty!  
 Okay so this tree is awesome. It looks like an old man tree, doesn't it?! Either way I loved it. To me it makes it look like they live in a fairytale world, I suppose that is the Disney in me.

 Do you see how he makes her laugh! Adorable.

 Look at that AMAZING diamond! Stunning.

 So sweet. Love this couple.

 Janae' you're so pretty it is ridiculous.

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