Saturday, August 10, 2013

Megan + Austin

Earlier this week I posted something on a Facebook group, looking for couples to practice on and use for my portfolio. Megan was one of the first to contact me and I was so excited! Typically, when a couple emails me, I ask them some questions on how they met and their back story so I can get to know them a bit more prior to the photo session. When I asked Megan about how she met Austin she happily told me their adorable story. Met in a small town in Texas and were high school sweethearts. It doesn't get much cuter than that. They had an intimate wedding last December and are now living their happily ever after. Meeting them was a ton of fun and they know exactly how to make each other laugh. It was really great seeing such a silly couple loving life together. I have to give them major thanks because when we had set up the session, I had never been to the location and oh my, it was quite an adventure getting there. But, all in all I am very happy we made it to the top! I was beyond happy to photograph them and I am SO excited to share their photos with you all!

Isn't this location awesome? Love spots overlooking the city.

They have some great dance moves! 

He is so silly but when he wants to be look at that model material, you go Austin!

One of my favorites from the day!

Another favorite! Look at how happy he makes her?

So romantic! 



They thought they were done...

and then I saw this spot and couldn't help myself! I think it was worth it. :) 

My absolute favorite! Megan. Seriously.  

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