Saturday, August 17, 2013

Melanie + Jay

Melanie + Jay are such a fun couple! Met in Germany and now they've been married almost 8 years yet still haven't lost the ability to make each other laugh non-stop. They are so silly together and their laughter is contagious. It was a lot of fun photographing them and watching them be so goofy around each other. Plus, they brought me to an awesome location (with a castle!) and the sun setting was absolutely beautiful!

Melanie and Jay, I hope you never stop trying to make each other laugh.

Gorgeous weeping willow tree.
So silly, love it!
One of my favorites!
Love it!
So sweet isn't it?
They have such awesome tattoos, makes me want a new one!
Another favorite!
Dancing through life <3Might just be my favorite from the shoot and my new favorite spot at this park!Castle!!

Quiet moments together...
Bench under a weeping willow looking upon the lake, gorgeous.
And even more gorgeous as the sun was setting...
Final favorite to end the day! Thank you Melanie and Jay for a great photo session! 

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