Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tom + Jess Wedding | Portraits

Let's continue the wedding fun shall we? On to Bride + Groom portraits! We left off last on their first look which was absolutely beautiful and then we dragged Tom and Jess for a ton of portraits together. Thank you guys for being so flexible with us (esp Jess and Tiffany walking in heels all around the bridge!). Majority of our shoot was bride and groom portraits so this post is lengthy but so worth it so keep reading!

And we're off to the next location!
 Aren't these so pretty?
 Love this one!
 We weren't sure if we could go in the mini castle but the gate made for a very cool spot.
 There is a restaurant by the bridge that has sand and beach chairs, almost like a real beach! But the cobbled stone steps down to the water was my favorite.

 I love how the water shimmers at sunset. SO pretty.
 One of my favorites from the whole shoot.

 How she looks at him in this photo is perfect. Love it Jess.
I always love the shoe detail shots, can't you tell?

 Love it in black and white too, I couldn't choose.

 Now we are off to the next location! Across the bridge we go :)
Isn't she beautiful? LOVE this photo!
Now this one couldn't have been done without my friend and co-photographer, Elaine. So thank you!  
What a pretty MOH! 
 Gorgeous, Jess!

 So cute! 
 Another favorite.

 Love these!!

Beautiful moment.

 Her response to all the cars honking :)
 And they are off again! Next and final installment is cake and their exit!

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