Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 Goals

Pig and I are feeling the same way today. Just want to sleep allll day. But alas, have to be productive. I have been panning through some of my favorite photographers/bloggers and there is a little trend I would like to start right here. Goals. You know how on New Year's Eve everyone starts asking what your New Year's resolution is going to be? Well, it may not be a new year yet but for the remainder of 2013 I want to give myself some goals to strive for. Resolutions always fall through but perhaps writing them down to a public audience will be a good motivator. I guess we will see won't we! :)
Alright, so time to brainstorm some goals for the remaining 4ish months or 112 days 10 hours and 43 minutes from now. By the way, that is the exact time until 12am January 1, 2014 (CET Central European Time). Yes, I have a countdown app on my phone and it's awesome.

Okay, okay. Here goes.

1. Finish my website.
2. Blog a minimum of 2 times a week. Let's see, what days... Tuesday and Friday? That might change but it is a good starting point.
3. Photograph at 5 new locations in the area.
4. Have a photo shoot with my awesome friend and photographer Elaine Wright to come up with some new photos that represent my brand.
5. Streamline my editing process.
6. Practice more with a macro lens and the 70-200.
7. Shoot more with the speed light flashes and pocket wizards indoors.
8. Reach 500 "Likes" on Facebook! I am at 147. If you like my photos, feel free to pass my name along!

1. 2 date nights a week with my fella! Already off to a good start to this one; how many people get to say they had a date night in Paris. :) If you haven't seen it yet, check out our blog on food, travels and love here! (Speaking of the other blog, we need to catch up. So keep an eye out for new recipes and trips!)
2. Update our travel scrapbook (so behind!)
3. Create and order photos from the Paris photo shoot...and blow some of those bad boys up canvas size for the house! Thank you Catherine O'Hara you rock.
4. Work on my resume. For real.
5. Perfect my macarons.
6. Make a mini album of my kitten Pig aka The Dude.
7. Plan an awesome trip for Christmas! Can you believe the holiday season is almost here? SO excited.
8. Work on my French and drag the husband along with me. After all, if we are going to live there I will need to remember how to say more than how to order a croissant and juice. ;)

8 business and 8 personal. I think that is a nice start, don't you? :) And look, it is Tuesday morning - so far, so good.

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