Friday, September 27, 2013

Camila + Scott | Anniversary!

Can you believe it is Friday again already? I am loving how fast time is flying because it means the holidays are almost here! The leaves have already started changing colors and our house smells of pumpkins and apple cider (thanks to yankee candle haha)! I am also counting down the days until all my favorite shows return, did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night?? It airs on TV here today and I am super excited. Parenthood returns this week too and if you haven't seen that show I highly recommend it. It basically is the only show I cry like a baby at and if you know me, I rarely cry so you know it has to be good. So now, to celebrate the fall season, here are some photos from Tuesday's anniversary shoot!! Camila and Scott are such a sweet couple and it was a pleasure photographing them. We shot downtown and we lucked out with awesome weather, which is rare here in Germany and they happily explored with me to find some fun locations for their photos. Plus, Camila wore the cutest tank top that looks just fabulous in these photos, the color pop is so nice! Excited to share these with you guys!

Happy 8th Anniversary Camila + Scott!

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