Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

YAY! Thank you to everyone who participated in my first contest! I was so nervous that I'd get like five participants and they'd all be my family BUT we ended up with 42 entries and I am now up to 188 likes, which I think is AWESOME! So, thank you guys again!

Without further ado....

Winner #1....Shayna Marie!

Winner #2  (because I couldn't just pick one)...Kate Danko!

Congratulations you two! Send me a message on my facebook page so we can chat about setting up a shoot and then I can design your fabulous album spreads!

Since I had so much fun with this contest there will be another coming up for October so keep an eye out! I have all sorts of ideas for prizes and who doesn't love more opportunities to win! Please continue to share my page and thank you for all the encouragement and support!

One more thing for today, sneak peek from last night's session in my favorite little town in Germany!

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