Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Riggs Family

A while ago I had the pleasure of photographing Adam and Amanda in their little town. If you haven't checked out that shoot yet you are missing out! These two are so full of joy and love and it is so apparent watching them interact, laugh, tease each other...they are the cutest! Add in their two boys, Noah and Abram, and you get the world's most adorable and stylish family. I was dying listening to Noah tell me all about kindergarten and his upcoming birthday, that kid is hilarious and he knows how cute he is too! Such a pro model already. Abram melted my heart, he is the sweetest two year old I've ever met. Major thanks to this family for dealing with the cold while we shot, you guys are awesome and I had a lot of fun photographing your family! 

 Loooove. How sweet is this photo?!
 Noah's pirate ship!
 Dad got in on the action too!
 These two play so well together. I even asked Noah if he teases Abram and he said no, he loves his brother! HOW CUTE. Now, mom and dad may have a different story but it was still really sweet haha.
Black and white photos are timeless. Love it.
 Blanket tent! They were having a blast.
 So much love and cuteness going on here, can't handle it!
The one on the right, perfect!
 Smiles everywhere!
 Mommy sandwich!
 Love, love, love.

 Daddy's turn!

Giggle fest!

Noah is such a little model!

 Cuddle time.

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