Thursday, October 9, 2014

Megan + Austin | Maternity

These two. This post leaves my heart so happy because Megan and Austin have been such wonderful clients and friends of mine since I first photographed them early last year. They were my very first couple to trust me to photograph their new stage of marriage in Germany and I am so glad they did! I have never met a couple that laughs together and can be 100% silly with one another as much as these two. They giggle about inside jokes and tease each other in such a loving way, it is hard not to smile when you're watching them interact. Another reason I love love love shooting them! So, it is no wonder when I found out they were expecting their first baby that Megan and I immediately coordinated a baby announcement and a maternity session as soon as she told me the news! I was counting down for this one and I was so excited to get these two in front of my camera again. Together, they laughed and shared quiet moments with one another cherishing the time they had and building memories that would be able to remind them how special this time in their life is even thousands of miles apart. Congratulations, Megan and Austin! Can't wait to meet baby Parker!

 They are so silly, I love it!

This is shadow, he sticks his tongue out when he is playing - how cute!

Come ON! Ugh, love love love them.

SO cute!